Rent to Own (B)


Rent-to-Own Vehicles is targeted at Individuals that can't get Finance or a Loan to Purchase a Vehicle of Choice. 

The Vehicles are Financed on the Dealership's name and put out on a Payment-Period starting from 48 Months - 72 Months. 

If the last Installment is paid, the Ownership will be transferred into your name.

MOST of the Vehicle's Installments Includes Insurance, Tracker and Warranty on the Vehicles.

Legal Contracts in place for every Vehicle.

Black-Listed / Bad Credit-Score / Under Debt Review-Admin and Self-Employed Individuals are welcome to apply!

The Vehicles are located at 2 Dealerships in the Johannesburg / East Rand Area, and Durban. 

There is a Limitation of 2500 - 3000 km per month Included in the Installments on the Vehicles, and any excess will be charged accordingly. 

Viewing/Test-Driving and Finalizing of any Deal on a Vehicle will be arranged, AFTER your Application with us gets Pre-Approved at the Dealership, and AFTER the R2500 Service/Processing Fee has been Paid. 

This Fee is also NOT refundable after your Application has been Pre-Approved, so please ensure that you do have a Deposit ready when Applying with us for a Vehicle.

Pre-Approved Applications are valid for only (1) one Month.

Documents needed to Apply: Copy of ID Document / Passport 

                                                        Copy of Driver's License

                                                        Proof of Residence 

                                                        Proof of Employment (Latest Pay-Slip) (Self-Employed - Copy of CK Document)

                                                        3 Month's Bank-Statements (6 Months if Self-Employed)


NB:  SOME of the Vehicles require an Installment, or Pro-Rata of the Installment, with the Deposit required.